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Faint Music Plays

To You

Every person has those days,
When it feels nothing’s left inside,
While somehow daily it seems we forget,
Of those emotions that we hide,
Conditioned by our environment,
In a cell that has no bars,
While all the things we truly feel,
Get lost in the wall of scars.
We believe the things we hear,
Yet opinions don’t equal truth,
As memories seem to mold us,
The remnants of our youth,
We accept advice we’re given,
Though it’s what the giver would do,
Seeming to overlook the fact,
That all roads lead to you.
Because of whispers in the night,
We subdue the things we feel,
Pretending that the things we found,
Are something less than real,
We can’t accept that others,
Are jealous of what we found,
And when it’s all said and done,
Thoughts of you my silent sound.
Every night we ask the question,
Why does the heart hold on,
When because of things that others think,
We pretend the feelings gone,
A heart can not be split in half,
But is the same true for the soul,
While you’re the person that I miss,
The only one to make me whole.
Just as always we’re who we are,
With thoughts, ideals and goals,
And on the journey through this life,
The road’s littered with hearts and souls,
Through snowstorms and pouring rain,
What the heart holds isn’t washed away,
And every day I know there’s love,
Just like there was yesterday.
A heart can’t see nor can it hear,
And it can not even touch,
But if it can’t do these things,
How can it hurt so much,
Pain and pleasure go hand in hand,
And the heart won’t allow this love to fade,
And every night faint music’s heard,
The song, “ I Found You”, softly plays.

February 11th, 2017

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