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Forward and Back

To Marcy Howard

Life takes us forward, as each day transpires,
To give us our dreams, while the past conspires,
But we hold to the past, as we long for more,
While memories attack, and we wonder what for,
We repeat our actions, yet the actions seem new,
Inside expectations, with realizations so few.
A smile, a touch or a longed for kiss,
As the things never had, become the things that we miss,
As we struggle to see, minds blinded by fear,
With fantasies fulfillment, is so far yet so near,
But we look to the future, yet hold to the past,
Ignoring those things, that through the tears still last.
Though each day we look forward, there’s reasons to look back,
Is it because of the skeletons, that love falls through the cracks,
With assumptions we struggle, yet love won’t disappear,
As the memory is held, while the arms hold just air,
When we look in the mirror, is it time that we see,
Or an image now imprisoned, by loves need to be free.
Happiness lives, in the heart not the mind,
With memories influence, that love is defined,
Each day our eyes open, each night they will close,
While time keeps on ticking, with the path that we chose,
So we take our steps forward, as those memories attack,
And we pretend not to notice, that loves still on track,
It lives in the eyes that in the mirror look back!
.       Love lives.



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