Find a Way


Here and there we search for things,
At times lucky enough to find,
With some things being so profound,
Without them no peace of any kind,
It’s hard for others to understand,
The depth of things we feel,
Looking from another perspective,
It’s hard to believe it’s real.
Things often appear to be,
Something that they are not,
And with no way to explain,
You’re told there’s nothing that you’ve got,
Would you be willing to do anything,
To have a thing that you require,
Willing to sacrifice even yourself,
To have the object of your desire.
If you exist in a world of pain,
Reaching for some explanation,
Making mistakes is common place,
But it doesn’t change your dedication,
Suppose you hold love in your hands,
Yet you know she soon will die,
Is it possible to not feel guilt,
When another catches your eye.
It’s hard to grasp that paradise,
Can slip from in your hands,
Trickling from our open palm,
Like falling grains of sand,
Misinformation becomes the norm,
With no effort to deceive,
Finding no way to trust ourselves,
But in love we still believe.
A twisted path that goes unseen,
As hope becomes our banner,
While we fear the word success,
And we sabotage it in every manner,
We grow used to inner mistrust,
It’s fueled by all our pain,
While the tears that we shed,
Though gone inside remain.
It’s hard to see what’s in front of you,
When holding what soon will be gone,
Though the hearts feels love,
The mind blocks it’s coming along,
Love begins with no thought,
To what the mind might say,
And since it began in your arms,
Back to you it will find it’s way.

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