Hot and Cold


Frigid temperatures greet the land,
Underneath the snow’s carpet of white,
During the day a constant glare,
As the snow reflects all light,
People walk with urgency,
To escape the numbing cold,
And we remember  days now gone,
With all the snowflakes told.
We remember days from the past,
When the snow was piled high,
Times as children when we played,
Under winter’s snow white sky,
We dreamed of days in summer’s warmth,
Or spring times shades of green,
Though now immersed in winter’s grasp,
Now frozen in between.
Rosy cheeks would greet our image,
After hours of frozen play,
Somehow impervious to the cold,
As we waited for winter to go away,
Though each year the cycle repeats,
And the bones acquire their aches,
We grow accustomed to our pains,
And the dreams this cold forsakes.
We wait each year for the snow to fall,
And then we wish for summer’s heat,
Always knowing deep within,
That each year this cycle repeats,
We find enjoyment in the snow,
Yet simultaneously we enjoy the warm,
Just as we enjoy a clear blue sky,
Or a summer thunder storm.
In the winter we dodge the cold,
In the spring raindrops as they fall,
As each are truly a vital part,
Of the seasons as they call,
And if we really think of it,
All life holds cold and hot,
Cold becomes what we don’t remember,
And the hot what we never forgot.
Hot and cold, good or bad,
The flip side of our coins,
Always part of our lives,
Even when two hearts are joined,
Though we race to beat the cold,
And in the warmth we might move slow,
Just like everything in our lives,
We need the two to grow.

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