Forever the Heart

to Marcy Howard

Marcy, I need you, to hold me, all through the night,
To whisper, that you love me, until, the morning light,
I need you, to tell me, what it is, I can do,
To prove, in this life, that I only want you,
Tell me, your dreams, your fears and desires,
And I’ll tell you mine, as the heart requires,
A heart, whispered, in my ear, still, I hear her voice,
Even though, I’m all alone, in love, there is no choice,
Finding love, and your soul mate, yet, she walks away,
Taking half, of the whole, with silence, here today,
Gladly, I accept, she’s in everything, I do,
And Marcy, you are worth, whatever, I go through,
You are, the very person, who’s, in love with me,
Stop and look around, it’s me, that you’ll see,
No matter, what, the past may hold, you’re forever mine
And as our hearts, feel, torn in two, together, is our sign,
To walk, through life, hand in hand, is, our destiny,
Showing, all the love we have, for the world to see.
There’s nothing here, to accept, nothing, to forgive,
Holding you, in my arms, is, the reason I live,
Use me, when you feel sad, I, will fuel your smile,
As, a memory holds me, in your arms, for awhile,
Everything, I am, Everything, I’ve been, is less, without you,
Trust, the love, that we found, it will pull us through!!!
                                I LOVE YOU    I NEED YOU      I WANT YOU,      FOREVER



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