A Trail Frees


I walk a trail walked before,
That then we walked hand in hand,
And even now at this late date,
The heart doesn’t understand,
The scenery slowly passes by,
As I remember all we said,
And sometimes I wish couldn’t see,
The things stuck in my head.
Step by step I near a place,
Where the past is more and more real,
And all the things seen behind,
Are things that I still feel,
Memories come unbidden,
As numerous as the trees,
Yet somehow with each step I take,
I’m the only one that sees.
This walk’s the same rain or shine,
It’s a place I’ve been before,
And as I walk further on,
With each step I  need you more,
Some might say it’s a trail of tears,
But I would disagree,
Because every step rain or shine,
Just helps me let love free.
Some people walk for exercise,
And some have no reason at all,
For me even if it’s pouring rain,
It’s a place where love recalls,
Some abstain from wilderness travel,
For them it’s something unknown,
For me it’s an important part of life,
It tells of love already shown.
Memories bring me to a place,
Where we stopped and rested before,
Surrounded by a forest,
And love felt to the core,
Every effort that I make,
Is made without a sound,
Because as I walk I see your face,
And all the beauty that we found.
I know at times I made mistakes,
But I still can hold you close,
Every step seems to say,
This love is not a ghost,
My steps seem like ripples on a pond,
Ripples that hearts can see,
And every time I take a step,
Our love this trail frees.

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