You Are

To Marcy Howard

You have said it was all a lie,
Then why am I still here,
If none of what we said was true,
Do these words mean I don’t care,
Does this mountain of paper pages,
Become a waste or useless act,
Or maybe when you think of me,
Its then the tears attack.
I have walked my life alone,
Though at times I had my mate,
But the first time that I looked at you,
I knew that love was not to late,
In this crazy mixed up world,
We all make our mistakes,
Yet it doesn’t mean that love should die,
Or stop to take a break.
The things you saw in these blue eyes,
Were real as real can be,
And I know your brown eyes hold the same,
But we’re scared to set it free,
To say I love you is not enough,
Yet I am yours forever more,
I believe in who you are,
And each day more love’s in store.
     Only you!!!



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