For Awhile

To Marcy Howard

As the days bleed into one;that one is split in two,
Because each day feels incomplete;and the missing piece is you,
The happiness held inside this heart;is hidden for none to see,
You’re the person to remove the shroud;give freedom back to me.
People say forgive and forget;and forgiving’s the easy part,
But forgetting is impossible;you’re embedded in this heart,
I could say I hold no hope;but we both know that’s a lie,
We both saw the things alive;and lives in both our eyes.
Should I hold bitterness;towards you I just can not,
Even though I sit alone;with memories all I’ve got,
Maybe you didn’t realize;for you I’d give my all,
And each day I live this life;its you I hope will call.
Wishes added up mean nothing;yet this dream helps me survive,
Though I feel dead inside;thoughts of you keep me alive,
Sometimes love is the only thing;that is worthwhile to hold,
As the world passes by;and inside its bitter cold.
If I was a praying man;there’s one thing I would say,
Give me this angel that I need;give her back today,
The only thought I now have;the one thing that makes me smile,
Is that I’ll hold you once again;and feel your touch awhile!!
      Only you!



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