Forever,Her Touch

To Marcy Howard

For some time, I have looked;at what feels, no longer had,
But thinking, of it, in that way;can only, make me, go mad,
What, I have, is more important;for, I know, it’s meant, to be,
Words, may not, be accurate;but hearts, set us free.
Sometimes, need, is overlooked;as life, waves, its hand;
But waving, doesn’t mean, goodbye;if, hello, is what you demand,
If, you never stood, for much;love, is worth, the fight,
Especially, when, she’s who you need;she, is your light.
I am happy, I’m not alone;every moment, I hold her close,
For love, was found, in our hearts;and love, is not a ghost,
Have or had, is not the issue;for I know, it’s her, I need,
So, I hold on, to what was found;forever’s, flowering seed.
Now, I look, at loving eyes;I believe, she’s never lost,
And though, I look, at what I have;today, holds tomorrow’s, cost,
I, am her’s, for my life;and though, that isn’t much,
The only thing, that, I need;is to, again, feel her touch.



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