Free Is The Dream

To Marcy Howard

It seems We now live inside a world, that only exists inside,
And the fact I need you in my life, is a fact I can not hide,
But as I try to live in darkness, through the shadows I can’t see,
The piece I now am missing, the most important piece of me.
Each night I’m haunted by this dream, it immerses me every night,
And in the land of make believe, its you that I hold tight,
And as the sunlight slowly fades, a scene assaults my head,
Where laughter is alive again, and this heart’s no longer dead.
I know the world every day, is much colder than this dream,
And though my eyes are open now, these memories come in streams,
The dream brings me so many things, yet the light takes them away,
The dream is now where I’m alive, because in the dream you stay.
Late one night I am awakened, to find you by my side,
Yet now fulfillment is the thing, that each day I’m denied,
Its you that makes me happy, its you that I need with me,
And if this dream is all I have, its the one thing, that sets me free.
            ONLY YOU!



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