To See and Know


Can we see the things we have,
Yet believe we have them not,
Hiding behind the scars we have,
As we tell ourselves we forgot,
When we awaken from a dream,
Confronted by all we feel,
Is that then the only time,
We see those things are real.
At times we can’t believe our luck,
That luck we sometimes never see,
We think the grass greener on the other side,
We see the leaves but not the tree,
Our hopes and dreams are not broken,
No matter what life hurls our way,
And as we satisfy our desires,
Is there a place where our hearts can play.
It becomes so hard to really show,
Who and what we are,
Becoming lost in a personal struggle,
That seems attached to a falling star,
At times we believe our hearts are broken,
And in some ways that is true,
But having found you in this life,
I am whole with thoughts of you.
I could knock on your front door,
But what would I accomplish with that act,
The memories still wouldn’t go away,
With rejection they’d come right back,
It’s one thing for us to speak of pain,
Yet another to make it leave,
Everything seems to revolve around,
An emotion that’s all I believe.
We all have experienced our share of pain,
But I never could imagine it could be like this,
When all that could make me happy,
Is to have just one more kiss,
There are those people who can not feel,
And I wonder if I feel to much,
Because when I lay down late at night,
I still can feel your touch.
To much time immersed in thought,
We seem to not notice more important things,
If it seems there’s waves of pain,
We still have what love can bring,
There are things we hold in life,
That the heart’s incapable of letting go,
While in the course of daily life,
This love has become all I know.

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