To Marcy Howard

In the twilight of an evening,
Underneath the stars,
Snow deadens the sound of everything,
Silence with the scars,
The world is blurred by falling snow,
Details are hidden deep,
A blanket for the world around,
An embrace of cold dark sleep.
Hidden in an icy storage,
Observing anything to see,
The only thing really stirring,
Apparently is me,
Fingers numb and a chin that’s ice,
Yet I could sit for hours,
Amazed by every snowflake falling,
Wondering of their power.
As the snowflakes swirl about,
In a place both peaceful and serene,
For once I see and understand,
The snow mirrors things unseen,
As I sit in this icy lair,
The snow helps me see inside,
Each flake a frozen reminder,
Of all the tears we’ve cried.
We all have people that we love,
Yet we all have scars as well,
Then these snowflakes show the cost,
Are frozen tears from heaven or hell,
Love arrived and then it left,
Yet it still lives within the cold,
And as I’m covered by the snow,
Its frozen tears that I now hold.
As the snow slows its pace,
I feel you standing and crying,
Though a feeling is all I have,
The love still isn’t dying,
Each snowflake is a frozen tear,
As lonely hearts endure their pain,
And every day the heart still beats,
Through the snow, love will remain.



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