Here We Are

To Marcy Howard

There is no person on this earth,
That can compare to you,
The one person like you now is gone,
It seems death loves people too,
The only places I want to go,
Are places that we went,
But it seems the path to happiness,
Along the way got bent.
I know you are a caring soul,
But does caring have conditions,
And when you feel uncomfortable,
Is it just a matter of position,
We’ve both survived unpleasant things,
And you returned to a pre made life
Saying you meant all you said,
While alone, I buried my wife.
Assumptions seem to haunt us both,
As does the pasts hidden fears,
Yet those things that cause the scars,
Aren’t a reason for the futures tears,
It’s you that completes my soul,
And no one else will do,
And I may spend all my time,
Waiting right here for you.
All the things that I nigh need,
I found inside your eyes,
I SAW love living there,
It was real with no disguise,
Someone showed me how to love,
But you showed me what love can be,
Now you’re in my heart and head,
So you’re always here with me.
.       You



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