In Lieu of Fear


Do we behave a certain way,
Are we constructed in lieu of fear,
Things we’ve seen and things we feel,
And even things we hear,
Do we construct our entire lives,
On what we have or what we need,
Are we left with only crumbs,
And invisible wounds that bleed,
Can our dreams become an exercise,
That without knowing becomes controlled,
Using scars from the past,
With a mind we can’t console,
Fears can become a prison cell,
That controls every waking thought,
With all the things that go bump in the night,
A web in which we’re caught.
We look forward to the coming day,
If not worrying what will go wrong,
Possessing the desire for happiness,
Yet the mind can’t go along,
And when the day is finally done,
We sit and wonder what we did,
But all the reasons that we find,
Become just more of what was hid.
Late at night we travel to dreams,
Yet we arrive there through a twisted path,
We grow accustomed to our destination,
As we identify with our wrath,
We find it difficult to look forward,
As our fears come out to play,
Things that happened long ago,
Affecting us still today.
We possess things with our minds,
Instead of following things in the heart,
A person feeling less than whole,
With a heart just ripped apart,
If we are comfortable with the knowledge,
That our minds are not the key,
We can accept that our hearts,
Are the thing that sets us free.
If the heart is bound by fear,
Love is held in chains,
We lose control of our emotions,
And the mind takes up the reigns,
Through all the silent whispers,
It’s only love that we need hear,
And if love is all important,
We don’t live in lieu of fear.

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