Finders Keepers

To Marcy Howard

A search through the course of life,
That runs through tomorrow and today,
And though at times the paths unsure,
A kiss still lights my way,
Along the way do not fear,
For my darling I walk with you,
No matter what the fates provide,
Or the trials we go through.
I know the faith I have in you,
Is all I now posess,
And every day I am reminded,
By this pain inside my chest,
And though at times I give up on me,
Its because without you I’m not whole,
Love was taken away from me,
And with it went my soul.
Pain belongs to all of us,
But only judge me with your heart,
As pain is now a constant friend,
Inside a soul now ripped apart,
I believe we found something good,
And hope will always live,
Inside your eyes that I see at night,
And the memories that they give.
Whatever tomorrow may give to me,
There’s something that life can’t take,
You are the very breath I breath,
And this love was never fake,
Yesterday I found someone special,
And though these blue eyes may weep,
I know the things I found with you,
Are the things I need to keep!
          Only you!!!!



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