I Love You

to Marcy Howard

Marcy, my darling, please, listen to me, Let me tell you, all the facts,
I have never, wanted another, and I, still, want you back.
You, know, I love you, you saw it, in my eyes,
And I know, I saw the same, there, isn’t any disguise.
I, want and need you, that, will never be altered,
You’re the one, I love, and that, has never faltered,
Believe me, when, I tell you, there’s more here, than you know,
And if, you put, your trust in me, these things, to you, I’ll show.
I really, didn’t understand, but no wonder, you feel this way,
Honey, if you think, about it, there’s no way, that I’m gay,
There, is only, one thought, I have, it’s how, to make you see,
You, are my life, you’re, the reason, I breath.
Just once, is all I ask, and if you don’t believe, slap me, in my face,
Do it, in front of friends, anyone you want, it’s, your doubt, I must erase,
I know, you are feeling, these same feelings, that, I feel.
And, I’m profoundly sorry, let me show you, it is real!!!
             Just once, hear me out.With your friends and family present.



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