My Answer

To Marcy Howard

I, need not, look for answers;  for the answer’s already found,
What, I thought, was, missing;arrived, without, a sound,
I’m no longer, searching;in my heart, I know,
That though, I feel incomplete;I still, have love, to show.
Technology, at my fingertips;yet my phone, does not ring,
For, the voice, I need to hear;it seems, no longer sings,
Mercy, given, to everyone;but not, given to me,
Yet still, I feel, full filled;even, with this need.
I know, my search, is over;if only when, I sleep,
I know you feel the same, as me;both hearts, the others keep,
Answers, are, already had;but, they’re questions, if we deny,
What we feel, deep inside;is seen, inside, our eyes.
I, look in my mirror;but it’ Marcy’s face, I see.
Though, the image, is blurry;she, is inside me,
Hearts, led us, to a place;where, you are me and I, am you,
And now, I have you, the one, I need;inside, everything I do.
        Love lives.



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