Alone's Definition


Can we overcome the past,
Through all the whys and buts,
Do we trust the thinking mind,
Or the feeling in our guts,
We chain the things we really feel,
Pretend they don’t exist,
Though in the dark it comes alive,
So why do we resist.
Can the dream ever run free,
Overcome these bars of pain,
Or will the past rear its head,
To make alone our current gain,
We follow paths walked long ago,
Wondering will the past repeat,
It seems that fear’s the biggest foe,
But  is it one we can defeat.
Can we look to future days,
When we hold each other tight,
Or have we killed it with our minds,
Wondering if its right,
We hold the answers in our hands,
With locks created by our minds,
And if we never even try,
Alone is then defined.



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