I Will


I will always think back to the day,
When you and I first met,
A day I’ll always remember,
Because it’s you I can’t forget,
I will always find happiness,
In all the things we found,
And I will feel love,
When our song spills it’s song.
I will see tomorrow,
In the things found yesterday,
And I will see your smiling face,
When the sunlight goes away,
Each night I will hear your voice,
Though a whisper without light,
And I will feel your touch,
In the lonely deep dark night.
I will hear the laughter,
That flowed without a choice,
And I will hear the music in,
Your soft and sultry voice,
I will never forget,
The times we sat together,
Or the times we walked hand in hand,
Regardless of the weather.
I will see the sunshine,
Even when the darkness reigns,
And I will hope the best for you,
That you live life without pain,
I will close my eyes to think,
As  those thoughts bring certain smiles,
And we will walk hand in hand,
Though alone for many miles.
I will always hold the thought,
That love is what we found,
I will have a place inside,
That without you has no sound,
I will always turn my head,
When I think it’s you I see,
And I will always hold the knowledge,
That only with you am I free.
I will always believe in you,
And know that sparkle in your eyes,
I will see you on bright clear days,
But also under darkened skies,
I will hold you in my dreams,
Like I hold you in my heart,
I will love you forever more,
As I loved you from the start.

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