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We meet people throughout our lives,
Some will stay and some will go,
And as the days pass us by,
There are those we’ll never know,
At times there is attraction,
Sometimes imagined yet sometimes real,
But who is that we recognize,
If inside we’re afraid to feel.
Every face that we remember,
Somehow left it’s mark,
Like carving initials in a tree,
Hearts left in it’s bark,
As the tree continues to grow,
Those initials still remain,
But as we look back at the past,
Is there a smile or disdain.
Days pass by and we’re left to wonder,
What things does tomorrow hold,
Is there a match to a broken heart,
Or is that dream a thing we’ve sold,
Finally someone comes along,
That fufills our hopes and dreams,
And as we carve those initials,
Does tomorrow hold smiles or screams.
The impression left by memories,
Stems from somewhere inside,
Initials carved into our souls,
A mark we attempt to hide,
The initials in that growing tree,
Remain as the tree grows,
And as we age with every day,
Our emotions surely show.
Every once and awhile through life,
The heart reaches for another,
But if we reach with the past in mind,
It’s tomorrow that we smother,
Those initials can be a monument,
That remains through every day,
Or they can be a painful reminder,
Of two hearts that ran away.

June 18th,2016

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