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The Soul's Divide

To Marcy Howard

Can, a soul, survive alone
With, only, a memory,
Even though, its mate, was found,
With, separation’s, severity,
Can, the beauty, now discovered,
Yet, lost, inside, the past,
Overcome, the distances,
That, at night, become so vast.
Though, a mate, has been found,
Is she, someone, I’ll only miss,
As the past, comes alive,
When needing, just one kiss,
Happiness, can be held,
If inside, you know, it’s real,
For, no matter, where she is,
I can’t change, how I feel.
Looking back, or even ahead,
It’s one woman, that I see,
And she’s, the one woman,
That, this heart needs,
Can, that knowledge, be, enough,
To keep, a love, alive,
But, as you pose, that question,
There’s nothing, to decide.
There is, no choice, I need make,
For the soul, holds on tight,
To the woman, that I need,
The one, who haunts, my night,
So, no matter, how many miles,
Or even, how many lives,
Love, can conquer, anything,
Even, this, Soul’s Divide,.
Never, giving up!



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