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Come To Me

to Marcy Howard

Come, to me, in the morning, come to me, in the night,
Let me, be, your answer, allow me, to be your light,
Give me, all, your hopes and dreams, and I, will give you mine,
Let the moonlight, caress us both, as, the stars align.
Help me, to understand, why, you had to run,
Allow, me, to repair, anything, I have done,
Even, here, without you, I’m not alone,
Holding you, in my heart, the path, that I’ve, been shown.
Allow this thing, that sprang to life, to blossom and to grow,
No matter, what the storms, may bring, as the, water flows,
All, I ask, is, for the chance, to show you, love is real,
And there, is, no reason, to question, what you feel.
We, have walked, this lonely road, in the, not so distant past,
As, I think, we both can say, this love, is built to last,
Let me, prove, it’s enduring, let me whisper, in your ear,
I’ll, shout it, from the rooftops, so everyone can hear.
Show me, the path to take, that brings me, back to you,
And let, us work, together, to build, this dream, for two,
The love, we see, in each other;s eyes, struggles, to be free,
For, we can hold, each other tight, if, you come to me.



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