Is It A Dream

to Marcy Howard

As, we sway, to music playing;I, can smell, your hair,
Holding on, to your arms;this pain, just disappears,
Sights and sounds, now memories;of events, not long past,
While, I watch, roses growing;and these shadows, that, they cast.
And as, we lie, in our bed;and hold, each other tight,
There doesn’t, seem, to be a need;to determine, who’s, wrong or right,
Sipping coffee, on our porch;talking, of the day,
While, a puppy, cries and whines;because, she wants, to play.
We sit, on, a pale blue couch;and you, always, fall asleep,
With a smile, on your face;and cookies, that you keep,
Just, a walk, along a trail;and sitting, in a park,
Watching, as, the water runs, until, it’s nearly dark.
And as, you lie, sound asleep;I rise and kiss, your cheek,
While, I think, of our life;and take, a good, long peek,
But, then, a sound, awakens me;my eyes open, with, the sound,
Unwillingly, my eyes focus;and again, it’s only a dream, I’ve found.
         Day and Night.The dream and love, are real!!!
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