See and Feel


As I look back at all I’ve seen,
And remember all I’ve done,
Is this race that we call life,
A race we lost or one we’ve won,
I accept the consequences of my acts,
Though at times I wonder why,
Holding on to things inside,
While my screams assault the sky.
Through the years I’ve seen so much,
And have been so many places,
Grasping all the broken dreams,
As I remember all the faces,
I’ve lived this life in such a manner,
Where it’s been easy come and easy go,
With a picture in heart and head,
That it’s been so difficult to show.
I’ve searched the country both far and wide,
And experience became my tool,
Though at times I learned not a thing,
Becoming a momentary fool,
As I wonder where the time has gone,
I analyze all I’ve learned,
Leaving me with a bitter taste,
Thinking alone is all I’ve earned.
Then one day an epiphany,
About what comes with being alone,
Seeing that love is a real force,
That in darkness still has grown,
Hindsight becomes an enemy,
As it robs the here and now,
And any heart can lose it’s way,
Yet still hold love somehow.
Nothing in this life is free,
Even paradise has it’s price,
It’s love that penetrates the cold,
It thaws the heart of ice,
So often in our busy lives,
We overlook what we already hold,
Searching for that better or more,
Another’s dreams that we’re sold.
Circumstance may twist our dreams,
With our sight we can not see,
That love we learned of long ago,
Still lives in you and me,
We might wonder who we are,
Even wonder what is real,
But there is nothing more we need,
If inside it’s love we feel.

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