You Are

To Marcy Howard

You are worth every thought,
You are worth, complete devotion,
Because of who I know you are,
And YOU, created these emotions,
You gave me back the moon and stars,
You gave me back the sun,
With every thought, you give to me,
My soul, knows you’re the one.
You are the coffee that I drink,
You’re the smile on this face,
You’re the reason that I go on,
Here or any place,
You are the sun that shines on me,
You’re the twinkling stars at night,
You’re the one I need to hold,
Through the darkness, until the light.
You’re the vision that I see,
When each night I dream,
You are the woman that I love,
No matter how it might seem,
You are the match to this soul,
You’re the bright spot in my day,
You and I together found love,
And our hearts, will keep it that way.
      Only you!!!!



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