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Is There A Way


Is there a way to love to much,
To let go but still hold on,
And if we’re held at arms length,
Will what we hold be gone,
Is there a way to back away,
To allow the space to feel,
As we separate all those things,
That for years have seemed unreal.
Is there a way to make you see,
A way to make you understand,
Its not about the past’s events,
Or the needs inside the man,
Is there a way to make you hear,
The words made hard to say,
That as we create this reality,
All we’re doing is pushing away.
Is there a way to stop confusion,
That comes from starting with more,
Are we making a test of love,
That now hides the open door,
Is there a way to make you know,
You’re worth every sleepless night,
Though holding you is taken away,
And whats real is made not right.
Is there a way that we can touch,
The person we need to hold,
To freely say the things we feel,
That our minds now seem to mold,
Is there a way to make the words,
Exactly what they say,
Is there a way to let love free,
Tell me, Is there a way.



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