Caricamento in corso...


to Marcy Howard

As, the cold wind blows, your caring, comes shining, through,
It shows, in your job, and you made me, care, for you,
There is, no switch, that, I can throw, to make it, go away,
Yet it seems, you’re saving us, for, another day.
Nothing, that I say or do, can be said, face to face,
But that’s ok, I understand, this, can not, be erased,
The reason, that you ran, from me, is yours and yours alone,
Why, you wouldn’t, talk to me, is lost, in the unknown.
Regardless, of the reasons, regardless, of the why,
Love, lives, inside of us, and it will never die,
Let me be, that shining light, let my actions, show the truth,
For I, will keep, this love alive, struck down, in it’s youth.
You see, I knew long ago, with you, special, has been found,
But I refuse, to let it die, I hope, for just, one sound,
There was, no intent to cheat, and appearances, can deceive,
And every moment, that I breath, in us and you, I believe.
                               I believe, and so do you.One chance.



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