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Only Her

To Marcy Howard

A woman, lives, inside my head,
And has taken over, my heart,
She lives, inside, my every breath,
Of me, she’s now, a part,
I, can see her, in front of me,
A smile, now, in place,
While her hair, falls softly down,
To frame, her beautiful face.
Everywhere, I go, these days,
It seems, I look, for her,
And when, the darkness, comes at night,
My dreams, hold her, I’m sure,
Though, she is, somewhere else,
She’s always, here, with me,
As people think I’ll fade away,
But, that’s not, what they, will see.
I hold her, in, my heart and soul,
She lives, behind my eyes,
And when, I go to sleep, at night,
Her vision is alive,
I’ll hold her, til, my dying day
Even, if I stay alone,
For even, just, holding her dream,
Is better, than what, I’ve known.
Only you, Has been, will be.



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