It Shows


If one day we stop and think,
Of what’s important to me and you,
Do those things bring a smile,
Or make the tears come through,
The things we seem to think about,
Are moments from the past,
Leaving some indelible mark,
With the scars that seem to last.
I see all the things accomplished,
I see the laughter and the pain,
And all the while we chase our dreams,
And the things we cant regain,
You gave me the opportunity,
To see how special you are,
Just wish you could think of yourself,
As a bright and shining star.
We all have those moments,
When we run from emotion,
Running from the here and now,
To hide in the past’s devotion,
Its not the past from which we run,
We run from what we feel,
While both of us can’t believe,
There’s some way that this is real.
We see the possibilities,
But it stirs up those long held fears,
And the only reason we run away,
Is we remember all the tears,
Though the past might be a guide,
It doesn’t mean it will repeat,
Especially if our skeletons,
Become a past we can’t defeat.
I understand the fears you have,
But you assume so much about me,
Thinking me a source of pain,
Because in the past thats what we see,
Yet my friend there’s something here,
And you see and feel it as well,
That’s why we run away so hard,
We’re accustomed to living hell.
For some reason I can’t explain,
I know and feel your tears,
But when there’s a knock on your heart,
We cant turn away in fear,
From that day and time we met,
We both feel and we both know,
Though it seems we run away,
What’s inside already shows.

July 6th,2016

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