Tied In Nots

To Marcy Howard

We take our time to plot a path,
That holds the least resistance,
As events become our stepping stones,
Tied to love’s persistence,
Our memories we use to learn,
But at times our hearts control,
The cultivation of those things we found,
That touched two lonely souls.
A cord extends from the past,
Binding memories to heart and mind,
As the thought of what we found,
Becomes the thought of heart’s combined,
Though heart and mind sometimes argue,
This emotion cant help them agree,
As we attempt to untangle ourselves,
From the knots we could not see.
Wounds and scars become the knots,
That are whispered in our ears,
And all those whispers that we heed,
Are the nots we know as fears,
An emotion lives inside the heart,
One that time can not kill,
Though it seems we hold it not,
It lives and always will.
As we try to unravel the knots,
When unraveled what still remains,
The fact I need you in my life,
That without you there’s this pain,
Time can not erase the heart,
Especially when it’s all you’ve got,
And every day I hold the thought,
That only you can untie these knots.



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