Is there a moment in our lives,
That is a defining source of light,
For me that moment in my life,
Came one spring time night,
It came the moment I met you,
From that meeting forever yours,
As I saw heaven in your eyes,
And that feeling still endures.
No matter what tomorrow brings,
No matter what pains invoved,
All my heartbeats since that day,
Around thoughts of you revolve,
Just the thought of who you are,
Helps me see your face,
And when you visit in my dreams,
The smile can’t be erased.
Though in truth I am alone,
Through the years my greatest fear,
With just a thought I hear your voice,
And feel your presence here,
Though at times there’s pain we bear,
Does it bring us to a happy place,
And if it does I’ll tolerate,
My mirror’s tear stained face.
Tears no longer tend to fall,
You’ve given me so much,
I can hold on to the hope,
That again I’ll feel your touch,
Each day that I hold my dreams,
It puts me one day closer to you,
As love resides inside this heart,
Through all we say and do.

February 7th,2016

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