The Warmth of a Cold Touch


Days pass by and a heart grows cold,
Conditioned by it’s fear,
While the noise that echoes from the past,
Becomes all the heart can hear,
The here and now becomes clouded,
Yesterday seems all that’s real,
And as the coldness settles in,
There’s nothing left to feel.
Senses are numbed by the growing cold,
And that coldness seeps into our thought,
Just like some giant spiderweb,
Where only hearts get caught,
Sounds juat seem to fade away,
But silence has a deafening roar,
As tendrils of the growing cold,
Affect us to the core.
Silence, is it friend or foe,
Does it assist us in our need,
Or is the heart a frozen wasteland,
Without the will to even bleed,
Though temperature might be constant,
As long as the heart pumps it’s beat,
While all those dreams we hold aloft,
Lie broken at our feet.
Thoughts might soon become sluggish,
If the cold is permitted to reign,
And somewhere in that cold embrace,
Live the dreams that still remain,
An iceberg could be an example,
Of the ice that hides below,
But with the warmth of love inside,
The cold can never grow.
Accumulations ocxur over time,
But love can break the cold,
Keeping the heart from freezing
Giving life back to the soul,
Cold can come at any time,
Yet it only takes a spark,
To change the icy coating,
That overtakes the heart.
Though it feels like ice inside,
Love still warms us all,
And as it grows it softens the heart,
No matter how hard we hide,
There might be times when the cold,
Overtakes the mind and soul,
But love provides an inner warmth,
Love for you still makes me whole.

October 28th,2016

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