Lost In Found


The heart starts pounding in the chest,
Is it her that these eyes see,
Or is it another false alarm,
Some inner false reality,
Could the fates be kind to me,
With some momentary peace,
Or is this just a repeating scene,
An echo of emotion that doesn’t cease.
At times the pain is overwhelming,
When the need to see her goes unfulfilled,
But peace comes with her memory,
Because of the emotion she instilled,
Every day contains her,
With a dream that’s alive and well,
And the days that I don’t hold her,
The needs a living hell.
Words can not convey the depth,
Of these feelings that I feel,
Somehow together while alone,
Can be something very real,
All the things I see and do,
Contain the whisper of her voice,
Then I am left to ask myself,
Did I ever have a choice.
The heart reaches for a memory,
But has the mind made it a dream,
Is there some sort of peace to be found,
When for her the heart daily screams,
The need to hold her rises,
At times to a fevered pitch,
And holding love in a broken heart,
By her it’s somehow stitched.
The heart is held together,
And thoughts of her become it’s thread,
Holding the belief deep within,
That I’m hers from feet to head,
There’s no escaping the inescapable,
And this heart’s no longer mine,
And if I close my eyes to think,
Those thoughts of her insure I’m fine.
If I believe in nothing else,
There’s one thing that I know,
That once the seed was planted,
It’s now the only thing that grows,
And with the hope it’s her I see,
The entire scene  contains no sound,
So I am lucky to have within,
The love with her we found.

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