Marcy 2

tomarcy howard

In an empty house, finally, there’s some life,
But if the ties, are cut, was it, with a knife,
Surgical precision, emotion, on a switch,
How do you measure, the intensity of the pitch.
There are no words, that can convey, the emotion, deep inside,
And with those words, you can not say, the truth, becomes a lie,
And on, that long and lonely walk, your heart betrays your mind,
To love like this, is something which, you will never find.
Is silence the answer, should you be a friend,
When the heart, is opened, and slammed shut again,
Do I forget her smile, can I forget her touch,
Is hoping, for a life, simply asking to much.
Still, I can smell, the scent, of your perfume,
Looking for your presence, in each and every room,
Imprisoned, by the dream, but happy, for the bars,
I guess, I’ll just add a bit, to the other scars.
At night, when I close my eyes, I see your smiling face,
And hold on to the feelings, that time, can not erase,
A heart, in constant turmoil, yet you created peace
And if you think it’s over, the emotion’s just increased!!



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