Neversent Letter

To Marcy Howard

Thousands of words, put down on paper,
Yet they’re words only one can see,
I write these letters for someone else,
And what they say is my therapy,
I could send all of them,
But shed just throw them away,
So if the words are never read,
They’re still alive today.
Talking of, hopes and dreams,
And an overwhelming need,
To have this woman, in my life,
To close these wounds that bleed,
If the. letters remain unsent,
Their words are still alive,
For if they were thrown away,
Would the thoughts survive.
While I hold these letters,
The emotion does not die,
Even if the love professed,
Is thought to be a lie,
The love lives in the pages,
Writing them you feel better,
And as the need pours out in them,
Love lives, in the Never sent Letter.
     Still alive.



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