Emotion’s Light


Emotion’s seen inside the eyes,
While in the heart it lives and breathes,
As the mind just seems to complicate things,
Though in love the heart believes,
Even though the world surrounds us,
In some things there’s eternal hope,
While we travel through our lives,
On an uphill slippery slope.
Happiness comes in bits and pieces,
Though sometimes it never arrives,
And in the darkness deep within,
Somehow love still survives,
Love may be an invisible force,
Yet it’s a very real thing,
And in the course of living life,
What can it’s absence bring.
We search through time to validate,
Those things inside we feel,
Posing the question to ourselves,
For us can love be real,
Emotions come and emotions go,
But it’s love that still remains,
As all the tears of loss we cry,
Somehow, inside leaves stains.
Love remains both clean and pure,
But there are times it’s hard to hold,
And lying in this bed alone,
Though warm we feel cold,
Light becomes a relative thing,
When it emanates from somewhere inside,
And from the effects that love provides,
From it’s light we can not hide.
The things I feel in the heart,
Illuminate the darkness in the night,
Holding love as a lantern,
To give us an inner light,
Our eyes adjust to light and dark,
But there is so much we don’t see,
That darkness can overtake the mind,
As we struggle to let love free.
Emotions control our thoughts and acts,
To determine who we are,
And hidden inside our hopes and dreams,
Love becomes the single shining star,
Light and dark affect us all,
But love can be our light,
And with the emotions held within,
We can see through the darkest night.

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