Memories Transportation

To Marcy Howard

A thought transports me;to a day and time,
When these memories were real;but this life wasn’t mine,
And as I look back;at the things the past holds,
The touch of tomorrow;leaves a heart and soul cold.
Warmth still exists;yet its tied to another,
Yet the source of the fuel;with absence may smother,
For the memories bring;a sense of completion,
As the heart beats on;through its future’s depletion,
The memories explore;what the soul has become,
While hiding inside;what the heart has begun,
Though darkened by a cloud;the sun still shines through,
Along with the belief;the source of light is you.
Can what was had be enough;in this case it must,
Because a heart now turned to steel;without you will rust,
Besides, tears no longer fall; the heart used them all up,
As memories assail the mind;from inside a coffee cup.
We are all born to live;yet also born to die,
And the only thing alive in me; is you, in my eyes,
Every year the seasons change;and one day so will you,
And I’ll know the very day;because I’ll again be holding you.
        ONLY YOU!!!



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