Its Real

To Marcy Howard

On a lazy summer day;a gentle breeze in the air.
Watching across the countryside; a thought of long dark hair.
The chill invades heart and mind;memories start to flow,
And I remember that chilly day;when I begged you not to go,
Never could I live alone;as if imprisoned by the place,
Stuck inside two people’s dream;alone without your face.
A sky of blue up above;that tints the heart and soul,
And as the moments quickly pass;alone is less than whole,
Roses are a symbolic thing;a token of true emotion,
While as the hour grows later still;there still lives a real devotion,
The knowledge that love is real;and with you its what was found,
Yet I sleep in bed alone;with a dream my only sound.
The daydream happens every day;yet it comes alive at night,
It had a beginning as we both know;born of love’s pure light,
There is always a thought of you;each night an endless dream,
A voice that whispers in the night;it was exactly as it seemed,
While it may not count for much;love is what I think and feel,
And all those things that we found;every day they’re real.
      Only you!



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