The Growing Rose

to Marcy howard

The roses, that you’re growing, are flowers, thats for sure,
But you can’t enjoy the blossoms, if you never want anything more,
You see promise, in an emotion, yet rejectit, out of fear,
And all your justification, is held, inside your tears,
You have, that rose growing, but tell me, will it die,
If, you try to convince yourself, the truth, is a lie,
Where, is the beauty, in an emotion’s death,
How can you breath, if you always, hold your breath,
Fill your life with happiness, don’t live to fast,
Is what you see real, can it possibly last,
How, will you ever know, what could or couldn’t be,
If your heart’s held hostage, by past reality.
Beauty, can not survive, if hidden, by growing weeds,
And there will be, no beauty, if you starve the seeds,
Clearly, past and present, prejudice what you feel,
What happens, to happiness, if you deny, what is real?/



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