Uncommon Cold


A coldness seeps into the air,
A mirror of what’s inside,
And as the darkness closes in,
The beating hearts we hide,
The cold crisp air accentuates,
The lonliness in bright blue eyes,
While every step in this darkened cold,
Is a tear the mind denies.
On this cold and darkened trail,
The darkness becomes a friend,
It hides away the pain we feel,
While alone the heart defends,
The cold might make us feel alive,
For it permeates the mind,
It becomes the thing we hold,
As what we have we can not find.
Therapeutic the night can be.
Yet it helps if someone knows,
For sometimes we might lose our way,
In those things we fight to show,
Screams might echo in the head,
As steps echo on frozen ground,
And as the rain comes pouring down,
Whats hidden might not be found.
Thoughts and dreams control our steps,
And the cold might make us numb,
As we hope for sustenance,
From a heart’s remaining crumb,
Each of us can think and feel,
Even these eyes of blue,
As in the darkness with every step,
Someone cares for you.



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