A Day


Every day I clearly remember,
What significance a day can hold,
And on September twenty fourth,
The heart remembers all it’s been told,
There can be no answer,
For a question never posed,
And all the things the heart holds dear,
Are the things we never chose.
Remembering your birthday,
Though you know I remember one more,
At times it’s hard to know my path,
And the heart forgets what feeling’s for,
I only wish you happiness,
But it would be nice to see you smile,
To see that sparkle light your eyes,
To feel happy for awhile.
The world each day comes crashing in,
Reality is never far away,
And all the things that this heart holds,
Are the thoughts that lead it astray,
Just be happy on your day,
Laugh about your age,
What use is complaining,
We all turn the same page.
Know that someone thinks of you,
On each and every day,
And Hope’s your life holds happiness,
That never goes away,
If you care to think of it,
My heart still is yours,
And all the things that you began,
With love still endures.
Emotions for me don’t come easy,
The ones you started do not leave,
And your day marks another year,
Of an emotion in which I believe,
So when you blow out your candles,
That adorn your birthday cake,
Know each day love walks with you,
Through the triumphs and the mistakes.
When you feel the wind touch your skin,
It’s me reaching for your touch,
Love was never something contrived,
And each day I miss you so much,
Years ago heaven opened up,
And it’s you that came to stay,
Candles show you’re the light in my life,
And when you were born is a special day.


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