Moments with you

There are moments we are happy, moments we wish we were,
Times we have what we want and those times that we’re unsure,
At times we anticipate, those moments yet to come,
While other times we wonder, where did that come from,
Some moments it’s hard to swallow, while others we refuse,
It all comes down to the person and those things that we choose,
There are moments we have the answers, while others we have no clue,
Moments we are happy and moments that’s not true,
At times we have ideas, yet other times we’re at a loss,
Times we touch our dreams and times our dreams get tossed,
Some moments we see our reflection, while others we’re totally blind,
And all we seem to worry about, are the things we can not find.
There are moments we trust no one and those moments we can’t seem to feel,
Times our lives are stagnant and those moments when nothing’s real,
At times we feel hungry, while other times we can not eat,
Times that we’re outgoing, while other’s there’s no one to meet,
Some moments we are tired, with times we can not sleep,
And yet we keep on swimming, in water that’s to deep.
There are moments we look forward, while others we only look back,
Times we feel derailed  yet other times we’re right on track,
At times we are inactive, yet others we’re full of life,
Times our words are saviors, yet times they’re used like a knife,
Some moments we feel love, while others we feel alone,
And all it really adds up to, is moments we’re all shown.

January 22nd, 2017

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