Defeat Me Not


If you know just what you need,
But you’ve given people false information,
Are your needs made any less,
Without your exclamations,
Is that person of your dreams,
A figment of imagination,
Or have you held them in your arms,
At some prior destination.
Is there an expectation of being perfect,
When being faced with something brand new,
To find that a single person,
Is your only to make dreams come true,
Though my apology is surely sincere,
Is it useless if it goes unheard,
Piling the guilt up heavily,
And the pile grows higher with every word.
The mind constructs it’s barriers,
That rescues us from our hearts,
And the very person we live without,
Keeps us together yet wide apart,
With the guilt might come regret,
While the pain complicates it all,
Even made me blind for a time,
The pride before the fall.
Whispers come from jealous folks,
The truth twisted to suit themselves,
As they try hard to insulate,
The walls inside their hells,
Everyone has their excuses,
And like you I have my own,
While all we think we understand,
In essence was never shown.
If we assume we know it all,
How can we know what’s in another’s heart,
And if it doesn’t go as planned,
Are we the same even though apart,
Regardless of the circumstance,
It doesn’t change those things we feel,
Especially when embedded deep inside,
As we assure ourselves every day it’s real.
Our ears can hear the whispers,
As we wonder what they mean,
The whispers lure us away from love,
And we’re then caught somewhere between,
The voice we should pay attention to,
Echoes with our heartbeats,
And in our dreams late at night,
With that love it’s you I meet.

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