To Marcy Howard

As we wander through this life,
And ponder things we’ve found,
Does your heart beat for love,
Or does your mind push it around,
Can our hearts lead us in circles,
With any destination unknown,
And do we see with our eyes,
The things our hearts are shown.
I found with you a song of hope,
And it plays inside brown eyes,
Each note the beating of your heart,
Revealing the minds disguise,
Our futures are an unknown thing,
Tied to both present and past,
As the notes this heart plays,
Are a song that will always last.
The song we have, comes from two hearts,
Though at times it’s muted low,
Yet every day we hear it play,
And with time its volume grows,
This song still plays and always will,
Because I know it plays for you,
And as we keep the song alive,
Love’s music will come through.



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