The Long Goodbye

For Eileen Conrad

For years, I’ve made, a daily trek, to, a nursing home,
To insure, someone,  I love, wouldn’t be alone,
But now, I get the solitude, that, I didn’t, want her to feel,
And every, day, that I missed, makes, my nightmares real.
I’m glad, she knew, that, love was held, inside a broken heart,
And as, she journey’s, to a better place, it’s sad, that we’re apart,
It’s sad, to watch, a slow demise, that takes place, over, years,
And I hope, she didn’t know, there was, an endless stream of tears.
There were times, that, I lost faith, that love, seemed, battered and torn,
But looking at, that little smile, made life, seem, less worn,
Though, she, could not, leave her bed, now, her spirit can,
She’s been, released, from the pain, she’s free, once again.
I may, not be, the nicest guy, and I’m sure, many, would agree,
But, the one, redeeming fact, is that Eileen, loved me,
And as I sit here, wondering, as a tear, falls from my eye,
To this woman, that now is gone, I’ll wave, a long good bye.



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