My Darling Marcy

to Marcy Howard

Marcy, my darling, you’re the one, the only one, for me,
There has been, no other, and never, will there be,
We were learning, of our love, and the lesson, isn’t done,
Forever and eternity, the prizes, that we won.
You gave yourself, over to me, and I’m glad, I did the same,
Though you try, to deny, and make it, all a game,
I, have never, strayed from you, it’s something, I can’t do,
You’re, the only one I want, all my dreams are you.
Marcy, my darling, I know, you feel, love, inside your heart,
Walk yourself, back to me, we don’t need, to be apart,
Eating, is impossible, sleep, holds nothing, but tears,
Holding love, at arm’s length, does nothing, for our fears,
You are, my everything, please, give our love a chance,
So we, can turn the music on, and start, love’s slow dance,
I, am always here, for you, through all, the sleepless nights,
Even when, you go to sleep, and turn off, the bedroom’s lights,
Marcy, my darling, I hope you see, the love, we have, is real,
It’s wrapped, into, loving eyes, through everything, we feel.
All the world, notices, when either, of us walks by,
They, all know, the love is real, they see it, in our, eyes!!!!!



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