No Doubt


I can’t see a single thing,
That doesn’t make me remember,
And though I’ve tried so hard to forget,
I still feel the 24th of September,
I hope you don’t misunderstand,
That I’m forever glad I met you,
Trying to pretend that I do not feel,
Doesn’t make love any less true.
I believed the pain would go away,
But it seems it daily grows,
Though I’ve grown proficient hiding it,
It’s much easier if no one knows,
I won’t pretend it’s not my fault,
And I won’t try to say it’s yours,
The names and places I’ll never forget,
And the emotion found with you endures.
I couldn’t believe someone wanted me,
Especially a woman as beautiful as you,
And when I see you walking alone,
I remember what you’re walking through,
I’ve held the thought I didn’t deserve,
To lie next to you in bed,
Maybe I don’t even deserve the dreams,
That each night invade my head.
I believe it’s never to late,
To make amends for all I did,
That because I didn’t like myself,
There were pieces that we hid,
As we stare time in the face,
It helps me somehow see,
The love you hold for me is real,
Just amazed it was for me.
We all would like that perfect world,
Or would like that perfect mate,
And just the fact I met you,
That first kiss forever sealed my fate,
Can we be satisfied that we have enough,
If lve is the single thing we hold,
I’m happy love lives in your arms,
But this lonely bed’s sure cold.
I’m not complaining in any way,
I’m grateful for the love we found,
Sure would make it easier though,
If when I turned you were still around,
Who can know what we truly feel,
If those thoughts are never left out,
I believe that together we found,
That love lives without a doubt.

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