to marcy howard

You tell me, that you love me, then tell me, go away,
As the words, you spoke to me, are replayed every day.
There is, no degree of love, it either is, or it’s not,
And if you pretend, it’s not there, heartache’s, what you’ve got,
Love, does not hide itself, everyone can see,
And a never ending emmotion, is what, you give to me,
For you see, I love the person, not an idea or a dream,
Love, put us together, we’re on the same team!
Life, sometimes seems unfair, love, sometimes as well,
But not having you in my life, is a living hell,
If, I could believe, you hated me, I’d leave, never to return,
Yet, I know, you love me still, with silence, what I earn.
I know, you are a caring soul, and own this heart of mine,
And with, the knowledge, you love me, everything is fine,
I know, our turn, will come again, life, will start anew,
And my arms, are open wide, waiting here for you!!!!!



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