Not Gone

To Marcy Howard

Marcy, I need you, in my life;I need, everything, you are,
I have, a life, with you;without you, memories, mar,
Please, let me, show you;I deserve, a chance,
You, have mercy, for all; give a little, to Lance.
I’m lost, inside a nightmare;and I know, you feel, this pain,
Love, is something, we already have;not something, to regain,
Let’s, build, a life;wherever, that, may be,
I’m just not whole;you’re, what completes me.
Eileen, surely, showed me love;but you, complete, my soul,
I’ll always, love her;but you, make me whole,
I haven’t, run away;though, the thought, crossed, my mind,
But you’re, the person, I need;not the one, I have, to find.
I need, to have you, in my arms;so I, can feel, us touch,
To have back, the part, of me;that I, miss, so much,
You’re in, my heart, forever, we found, s special bond,
Give me back, your loving touch;let, together, not be gone
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