To Marcy Howard

A heart beats wildly in a chest, the breasts heave up and down,
And as the heart searches for its cure, it seems that none is found,
You see the heart is  not whole, in half can it survive,
And though its beating in the chest, can it stay alive.
Can the heart keep us alive, if it lives in the shadow  of death,
As it beats for someone else, with each and every breath,
Is it possible for your soul, to leave before you die,
Right now I’d have to answer yes, because mines missing from my eye.
We look for things we can not see, yet still the heart keeps beating,
But in this constant tug of war, who is it we’re defeating,
Through the words that others spoke, we learned to be alive,
And when life finally began, we had to run and hide.
As you heard me say before, I guess I should have known,
But how was I to know each day, if I was never shown,
Plain and simple I love you, with each and every breath,
And each day without you in my life, is a day of living death,
     Only you.



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